I’m Back

OK – did I leave you hanging long enough with the F on my Trig test from last year?  What happened after that??

It was an amazing/crazy/intense semester for sure.  I was calling on all the brain power I had to digest the information I was consuming in Chemistry A and Trig.  I’ll cut to the chase – I passed both classes with B’s.  Yay!

In addition to the periodic table, I was learning (again) about making choices with my time.  I’m convinced this is the most important choice we get to make, how we spend our precious time.  I was saying no to anything superfluous – even “fun” writing, like this.  I needed every spare second for studying.  If I wasn’t studying, I was working, or spending time IRL (in real life) with friends and family.

Speaking of IRL, I cut way-way-way back on social media.  I have some obligations to keep my work accounts up-to-date, but that’s about it.  If that’s something you’re struggling with, how much time you spend with social media, I encourage you to practice breaking away from it this year.  Take a walk, call a friend (yes – I said call), go thrifting, volunteer.  Your time is valuable, your human power is an asset, and you get to choose how to use it.

Now that I’m writing, there’s so much to say!  I don’t know why I didn’t just set aside some minutes here and there to start this.  Nevermind, it’s happening now, so I’ll just touch on one topic, and then promise to check back in at least once a month (note: set manageable goals!) to let you know how things are going.

What a difference a semester makes!  I went to campus last week to buy my books ($450 for three classes – ouch) and I knew exactly where to park, where the bookstore was, where my books were located in the store, and how much I could anticipate paying for them.

After that, I thought, this would be a great time to get my Spring semester student ID sticker, because this semester I’m taking advantage of the five free breakfasts and lunches that Sierra offers (nice, right?).  So, I walked over to the library, went straight to the student info desk, got my sticker, grabbed a coffee from the Mean Mugs cart in the library lobby, and took the stairs to the fourth floor to locate the tutoring center (which I’ll be using this semester for sure).

When I left the library, I was like – nailed it!  Just six months ago I was the newbie, wandering around campus excited, and nervous, a gal starting out on this new path she dreamed up.  It was more like a scavenger hunt then, looking for the next clue to get me to the next step.

This semester, I have the benefit of time and experience behind me.  I’m now familiar with the Sierra system and I understand the pace I need to keep to be successful.  And, I made a few friends – advantage!

If you’re thinking of trying something new, but fear is holding you back, just know that yes, it IS going to feel awkward and uncomfortable at the beginning.  But, that’s not a bad thing; awkwardness and discomfort mean learning and growth, which leads to a better, stronger you.

You’re an incredibly adaptive human being, designed to learn and understand all sorts of new situations and experiences.  The first time will be hard, yes, but so worth it to get to the next part, when you feel like you nailed it.  Soon enough, you’ll be an expert, and probably helping other newbies who used to be afraid just like you.

Need more help conquering fears?  Check out this article on NPR about Jason Comely, a freelance IT guy who made a game (literally) out of being rejected, after an incredibly rough break-up.

Published by Tasha Standridge

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2 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Thank you for sharing your personal journey with your precious time. Your footprints are not only left on the beach of an ebbing tide, but also, in the hearts and lives of those who wish you well, and love you.
    “I have made myself what I am.” Tecumseh, Native American Shawnee


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