Being Open

For someone who can be a bit obsessive about controlling a situation (I call it enjoyable meticulous planning) social media can be intimidating.  It’s putting yourself out there, on the interwebs, for anyone to see/critique/judge.  (They say, “Only put on the internet what you wouldn’t mind having on a billboard.) I’ve only ever kept a Facebook page for myself and my company, but recently, I started thinking I should expand to Instagram.

So, after some hemming, hawing and researching how Instagram can enhance a business, I started an Instagram account for Gold Country Massage Therapy.  Instagram is all about telling stories through photos.  It’s more intimate, more personal, more frequent reaching out to the world wide web.  Frankly, this made me feel a bit nervous or reserved about starting the story of GCMT in pictures.  But, I chose to put these hesitations aside and begin the journey.

What I discovered there amazed me.  I began connecting with other business, like-minded Instagrammers, and strangers from all over.  We connected through common hashtags (interests), pictures and quotes.  My world was being completely blown open to new and beautiful things happening on this “little” phone app.  I was feeling refreshed, boosted in my excitement for this connection and supported by people I’ve never met.  Incredible.

I set out to do this new thing, starting the Instagram account, and I was thinking (all about me), what would I bring to it?  How would I affect IT in some way?  What amazing things could GCMT provide my new Instagram followers?  What I was NOT expecting was that it would also bring things to me, good things that I didn’t even know existed.

Because I was in a pattern of worrying about control, I was closed to the idea of trying something new, wanted to keep any “bad” at bay.  By remaining closed off, I didn’t realize I was also closing myself off to some of the “good.”

When we open ourselves up to new experiences, we get on a two-way road.  We are both introducing ourselves to new people and new ideas, and being introduced to new people who can have a positive influence on us and broaden our horizons.

Letting go of the control can be scary, but even a small change in our thoughts, habits and routines can divert our paths just enough to let in beautiful new light that will refresh our outlook and spirit.

Published by Tasha Standridge

Life Adventurer - Always Learning - Positivity Warrior - Cultivating Kindness

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