Give to Receive

“As you feed the world, the world feeds you.” – Marc David Is there something you’ve been meaning to get out there and do?  A skill you want to teach?  A class you want to take?  An organization with which you want to volunteer? I encourage you today – get out there and do it. Continue reading “Give to Receive”

Being Open

For someone who can be a bit obsessive about controlling a situation (I call it enjoyable meticulous planning) social media can be intimidating.  It’s putting yourself out there, on the interwebs, for anyone to see/critique/judge.  (They say, “Only put on the internet what you wouldn’t mind having on a billboard.) I’ve only ever kept aContinue reading “Being Open”

Small Joys

Wanted to share this great blog entry from Ashley Forrer Wellness.  She has some great suggestions for small things to add to your daily routine to continue to bring more joy to your day.  Enjoy! ———————————— Happy Friday! I wanted to close out the week by sharing a few things I’ve been adding in smallContinue reading “Small Joys”