Do Less Today

I often find myself rushing around trying to get more into my day.  Thinking ahead two or three or more steps, maybe even thinking two days ahead, I forget to just stop and smell the roses for a second, abandoning the present moment. One of the many reasons I love my job as a massageContinue reading “Do Less Today”

Practice Gratitude

I volunteered to lead a group about gratitude for young people in our local 4-H.  I’m a real ideas and development person so I was super-fired up thinking of all kinds of fun ways to present the topic.  I was going to rock this subject! Then I went through a phase of thinking, wait, maybeContinue reading “Practice Gratitude”

A Wall Already?

Uh-oh.  I’ve already hit a writer’s block!  I set a goal to write every day (or at least five out of seven days each week) but I have to admit that yesterday I was feeling uninspired to write.  I blamed it on being busy, but there’s always an excuse not to write, even though IContinue reading “A Wall Already?”