A Wall Already?

Uh-oh.  I’ve already hit a writer’s block!  I set a goal to write every day (or at least five out of seven days each week) but I have to admit that yesterday I was feeling uninspired to write.  I blamed it on being busy, but there’s always an excuse not to write, even though I know I could cut back on some TV watching or internet surfing.

The thing about practicing is that it takes effort.  It takes a bit of organizing and planning and then execution to get it done.  This can sound like work, right?  Maybe that’s the reason for the procrastination.  But I know practicing is good for me.  It helps to examine my head space, see what’s changed, how I feel, where I want to go next.  I guess this is proof that even if it feels like I have nothing to say I can still generate at least two paragraphs of content.  So there!

If I didn’t sit down to write today, I would have let another day, and another day and another day go by.  Because I sat down to write, it led me to do some research on why we should practice things.  I wouldn’t have discovered this article if I had decided not to write.  It has a lot of cool information about what goes on in the brain when we practice a skill.  It continues to impress me what our bodies are capable of, and we don’t even know it’s happening most of the time.

“Practice is the fundamental key to learning…the more time you spend with the instrument, the better you get at making it do what you want.”  This article is about practicing piano but the concept translates to any skill.

My point today is, practice is important.  When you don’t feel like practicing, that’s the best time to do it.  You’ll feel yourself commit as you get going and you’ll feel satisfied with your accomplishment afterward!

Make the time.  You’re worth it.


Published by Tasha Standridge

Life Adventurer - Always Learning - Positivity Warrior - Cultivating Kindness

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