To Be

My last post was about living an “intuitive day,” moving through time without scheduling every second of it.  When I was writing that post, I started rambling on a bit and then decided to cut out this part and save it for later, because I wasn’t really sure what I was trying to say with it yet, but I felt like it was important enough to circle back to.  Here it is.  Hopefully, it speaks to you.

We can become somewhat obsessed with perpetually doing, improving, and moving.  Many of us are constantly on the go, trying to fit more into our days.

We can get so wrapped up in the details that we forget to loosen our grip, let go, and just let life, in its wisdom, guide us.  To come to a quiet place and just listen…to take a moment to let all the overload of information and learning and expansion integrate into our being.

If we would be still and listen, we could learn a lot.  We’d once again be able to hear that intelligent inner voice, the one that gets silenced from all the excessive outside noise.  We would be reminded of the dreams and aspirations that we once had for ourselves, that still pull on our heartstrings and live deep down in our spirits.

It takes practice to be still.  It’s even more challenging to learn to listen.  It’s counter to everything we’re taught in our culture that says “move faster and do more.”  Don’t slow down or, heaven forbid, stop altogether for just a minute and listen.

I believe that life is a gift, and all of our journeys are unique.  I feel an obligation to try to discover and develop my own talents and super powers which I can then use to give back to the small part of the planet on which I live.

However, I think we are missing a big part of the gift we’ve been given if we are always working on the “doing” and forgetting to just “be.”  To stop, and enjoy the wondrous beauty around us.  To stop, and be connected to the people near us whom we love.  To stop doing – for a minute – and start (human) being.

So, sit in this moment and BE.  Open your eyes wide, take a deep breath, and soak it in.  Absorb the experience of your surroundings.  Compliment yourself on participating in life today.  Practice just BEING.  Allow yourself to simply enjoy who you are and feel pride for how far you’ve come in life.

Consider this a fresh start, and new beginning.  Today you are learning and practicing the number one thing we’re really here to learn anyway: to be.

Published by Tasha Standridge

Life Adventurer - Always Learning - Positivity Warrior - Cultivating Kindness

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