Do Less Today

I often find myself rushing around trying to get more into my day.  Thinking ahead two or three or more steps, maybe even thinking two days ahead, I forget to just stop and smell the roses for a second, abandoning the present moment. One of the many reasons I love my job as a massageContinue reading “Do Less Today”

You Have a Gift

Yes, you! Some people are born with an amazing talent that they can develop and share with the world, like singing, dancing, acting, leading, creating Power Point docs… Others may feel like they were less endowed with talent.  They’re less likely to try out for sports, less likely to feel special in some way, lessContinue reading “You Have a Gift”

Good Morning, Sunshine

I am an early riser.  I haven’t always been, but in the last 10 years, yes.  The coffee pot is set to brew at 5:30 AM and most mornings I’m awake before it’s done. Early mornings are when my energy is fresh and clear.  Yesterday’s successes and failures are a closed chapter.  Now, it’s justContinue reading “Good Morning, Sunshine”

Give It Some Time

I’m trying to make new friends.  It’s an awkward thing to do as an adult.  Even harder as an introvert… It’s pretty easy when we’re kids, right?  Everything is simpler.  We haven’t had time to develop self-doubt.  It’s just, “Wanna play?”  “Sure!”  Great.  Friends for life. In the U.S., culture and marketing inundates us withContinue reading “Give It Some Time”

Why Should I Write?

  This question has been following me around for the last few months.  In the process of thinking about starting a blog, this little voice in my head kept saying, Why should I write?  What if I don’t have anything smart or interesting to say?  What if no one reads this?  What if…? One morning,Continue reading “Why Should I Write?”